Troop 44 adopts Cayuga Kitchen!



Since the loss of the lean-to we build when Camp Ballou, weve been looking for a building to work call our own. Cayuga Kitchen is located at Camp Kingsley in Ava, NY. Its one of the last cabins available that a troop our size can afford ($50 a weekend). Our goal is to fix it up for small troops like ours so they can continue a 12 month camping program. The cabin was used to serve food out of hears ago (hence, there are flaps that used to fold up). In the near future, were looking to put a metal roof on, gut, rewire and put new panels up on the inside. Wed like to get a wood shed up and stocked so troops dont have to bring in their own wood. This picture above is old. The door isnt on the front anymore it was actually moved to the left side, center, because the dripping water made it very slippery to get inside. More on this as it becomes available. If you have any old pics or history of this cabin, please email me at


Check out the new roof we put on in September 2007 (see pictures below).


Before After